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Kancho Selwyn Rhoda,
Chief instructor to Karate-Zen International Organization.

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Karate-Zen is one of the leading Karate organisations in Africa with branches in South Africa, Namibia and UK.

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Karate Zen was founded on 18 October 1982 by a group of dedicated Black Belt holders headed by Kaiso Johan Roux, 8th Dan. The core system practised follows the Okinawan Goju Ryu style with the addition of Kobujutsu.

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It's an Art, a Sport, & a Self Defence System.
KARATE-ZEN provides a structured and challenging approach to your physical and mental Development throughout your life!


Karate-Zen Scotland team

Karate Zen was founded by Karate Kaiso, Johan Roux and a group of Karate Black Belts in October of 1982.

The original karate dojo was established in 1971. Karate Zen now has a strong presence of members in the Western Cape Region of South Africa, with smaller groups elsewhere in the country as well as in Namibia and England. Learn more

Latest News

Karate-Zen Maputo championships

Maputo Championships

On Saturday 28 May 2011 the Karate –Zen students which represented South Africa struck gold at the Zone 6 Championships held in Maputo.

Inauguration ceremony (20 April 2011)

More than thirty black belts meet for the 2011 Inauguration ceremony of one of the country's leading karate organisations.

Heading for Namibia (6th April 2011)

Colin Isaacs wites about The Namibian Karate Zen Open Tournament.

Karate zen makes a clean sweep(12 April 2008)

Karate-Zen dominates in Sasolburg.

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